Here’s a awesome method to bring a physical existence to your Bitcoins: a custom CNC milled QR code Bitcoin address!

[ch00f], one of our occasional writers right here at Hack a Day, has just completed this slick aluminum Bitcoin QR code keychain. He started by producing a vanity Bitcoin address utilizing a program called OCLVanitygen, consisting of his dad’s very first preliminary as well as last name at the beginning, complied with by a random string of numbers. It only took his Radeon HD6790 6 hours to solve, which amounted to approximately half a trillion guesses in order to discover the address! 

He then took his shiny new Bitcoin address as well as produced a QR code from it utilizing an web-based generator. [ch00f] then increased the resolution of the picture in Photoshop as well as imported it into a CNC program called CamBam. A converted CNC Taig mill got to work tracing out the code with a 0.049″ carbide end. The overall milling time was just over 2 hours. A bit of black spray paint, some sanding, as well as a few layers of remove coat later as well as the keychain is done!

[via Reddit]