This Starcraft controller was created as a contest entry. The goal of the contest was to supply a custom-made controller for the Starcraft Real-Time-Strategy game that shared a few of the features seen in very first person Shooter controllers.

The style started as rough sketches. From the there button design was prototyped before really building a online design of the entire controller. A rendering of the design was submitted as a contest entry, as well as we’re delighted it was likewise seen with to a physical device. This included sending the style data off for 3D printing. What came back was painted as well as set up to accomplish the lovely look seen above.

On the ideal is a stick that acts as the mouse controller. The buttons on the left are just the most needed of Starcraft manage keys. They all map to the proper keyboard secrets as well as the gadget enumerates as an HID keyboard so no button mapping is necessary. That being said, a player does have the choice of remapping if the design doesn’t suit.

[Via Reddit with a lot more information at Shoryuken]