HEART-SHAPED project TAKES NO shortcuts

If all [Blake] wished to do is scroll “Blake likes Kim” on some LEDs he could have stopped with the breadboard version of the project. Or hastily craft a cardboard heart around the marquee. but he really just used this heart-shaped electronics project as an reason to get his feet wet with several different kinds of manufacturing.

The project started as a simple scrolling message pendant. Something along these lines. His very small LED module was being driven by an ATtiny85. He organized to run it from battery which is a perfect reason to learn how to use the sleep functions developed into the chip.

The initial design worked so well he decided to set out his own circuit board. This made it quite simple to add in a side-positioned button to wake from sleep, and a coin cell battery holder on the back. He used OSH Park for board manufacturing — good thing they allow creative board outlines. To protect the circuitry he also ordered laser-cut acrylic plates that work in conjunction with stand offs to form a case.

He mentions he missed his Valentine’s Day delivery date by a long shot. but that’s how these sort of things go, right?