If you’ve been costs hours with the digital calipers while designing enclosures for your circuit boards there may be a much better way. [Phil] tipped us off about a new software application bundle that will let you import PCB design data into Google Sketchup. This method you can begin working on the enclosure in CAD before you’ve populated your very first board. Of program this adds to the pain of realizing there’s an error in your layout, however what are you going to do?

The free software application was established by RS Components, a European element distributor. It takes IDF files, which can be exported from most PCB style software, as well as converts them to a style compatible with Sketchup, Google’s 3D style software. For those who enjoy a extremely dry presentation video you won’t want to avoid seeing what we’ve embedded after the jump.

We’re type of surprised that this hasn’t already been done. If it has, leave a link in the comments.