THE tiniest ARCADE cupboards YOU’VE ever SEEN

After browsing Amazon one day, [Dave] discovered a extremely fascinating piece of kit: a small, 1.5″ digital photo frame. They’re not extremely complex, just an LCD, a few buttons to cycle the picture, as well as a battery to keep whatever portable. He chose the very best utilize of this tech would be a small arcade cabinet, featuring screen shots of the very best games a darkly neon lit arcade of the late 80s had to offer.

After sourcing a few of these digital photo frames on eBay, [Dave] set to work disassembling the frames as well as developing a customized enclosure. He desired a few particular features: controls in the best place, replaceable sides, as well as the radiant red eyes of a coin acceptor slot. [Dave] whipped a design up in OpenSCAD as well as sent the parts over to his printer.

The controls for the digital photo frame were linked to a quartet of tact switches on the manage panel, as well as a red LED offers the glow from the coin acceptor. With a USB plug as well as the frame’s memory packed up with screen shots, [Dave] has a fantastic desk toy.

All the appropriate data are up on Thingiverse if you’d like to develop your own.