[Atdiy as well as Whisker], collectively understood as  [The Tymkrs] have been hectic honing their luthier skills. They’ve produced a 10 part YouTube series about the building of their new cigar box guitar. instead of a cigar box though, they’ve substituted a 1920’s tin cigarette box. The Omar Cigarette business provided “Project Omar” it’s name. like [Tymkrs] previous guitar, Omar is a three string affair. The neck was cut from Black Palm, which truly shined when polished with a blend of orange oil as well as beeswax. They likewise threw in a couple of new techniques on this build. Omar is an electric guitar, with a pickup customized wound  by [Bob Harrison]. Omar likewise has frets, which produces a whole new set of complications. Frets are typically installed by cutting slits in the guitar neck with a worry saw. rather than purchase a new tool, [Tymkrs] produced a easy jig for their small table saw. The jig held the guitar neck perpendicular with the saw blade. This made quick work of the numerous worry slits to be cut. Installed frets should likewise be dressed as well as leveled, which is a time-consuming process. 

The tin cigarette box likewise produced a new set of problems. The thin tin shown to be a bit on the weak side when the strings were tightened down. A bit as well much pressure on the box while playing would cause notes to bend, much like the tremolo or whammy bar on a basic electric guitar. [Tymkrs] were able to counteract this by adding bracing inside, as well as a couple of black palm braces to the back of the box.

Hum was likewise a problem. When [Tymkrs] very first plugged in, they discovered they had much more 60Hz mains hum than signal from their strings. Omar utilizes a traditional single coil guitar pickup. single coils will pick up noise from any type of magnetic field, including the field produced by the studio electrical system. A humbucking pickup utilizes two coils to counteract this effect. Humbuckers likewise have a somewhat different tone than single coils. [Tymkrs] wished to stick with their single coil tone, so they counteracted the hum by increasing the pickup better to the strings. higher pickups get much more signal from the strings, so this is essentially a totally free signal to noise ratio improvement. They likewise grounded the entire tin box, together with Omar’s metal tail stock. The final develop seems great, as evidenced by the jam session toward the end of video 10.