[Arthur Benemann] started a bit job for his electrical engineering program, as well as experienced the worst situation of function creep we’ve ever seen. He just published an instructable of his picChess job that is able to play chess on a VGA screen with a keyboard, with sound, a clock, temperature sensor. Apparently, [Arthur] was tired one evening as well as threw in an application of Conway’s game of life.

[Arthur] selected a DSPIC33F μC for his job with whatever laid out on a bread board. He’s rather happy of his VGA routine, the very first time he’s ever utilized DMA. We’re truly amazed by [Arthur]’s chess engine – his is the very first homebrew chess engine we’ve seen on Hack A Day. Although the engine is a brute-force browse with Alpha-beta pruning, the engine itself seems relatively advanced that will even supports castling.

Although a few guidelines aren’t supported as well as the ELO score of the engine isn’t known, [Arthur]’s engine ought to still be able to beat an amateur player. A relatively outstanding accomplishment indeed.

Check out [Arthur]’s video after the break.