In a bit of punky, steam-based tinkering, Brittish engineer [Geoff Hudspith]’s obsession for steam as well as enthusiasm for cycles fused into the Hudspith steam Bicycle.

Built as well as improved over the past thirty years, the custom-made steam engine uses a petrol as well as kerosene mix for fuel, reaching a top speed of 32km/h as well as has a variety of 16km on one storage tank of water. While in motion, the boiler is counter-balanced by the water storage tank on the rear in addition to the flywheel, water pump, as well as the other components. However, [Hudspith] states he doesn’t have an simple go of it bring the bike up the flight of stairs to his flat — as you can imagine. A steam whistle was fitted to the bike after insistence from others — as well as maybe for safety’s benefit as well, considering that it does take a bit of distance to stop the bike.

Many people have used big sums for it — as well as at least one home in exchange for the bike — however [Hudspith] has held on to this one-of-a-kind steam-machine. A little a lot more about the advancement of the bicycle can be checked out here! A video of the bike in action is waiting after the break.

A steam-powered bike is great as well as all, however exactly how about a tank? Or — much better yet — a Raspberry Pi?

[Thanks for the tip, Jasmine!]